Welcome to Terror Firma

A brief overview of the game:

Terror Firma is a first person shooter (FPS) zombie game (currently being made for the PC) that takes place within a UK military base. The player will take control of a British soldier who appears to be one of few survivors at his home. The player will also have to search for weapons to defend against the ‘undead’ while exploring and unlocking the story.

At present, there are a few multi-player modes under development; more details surrounding these will be released as the game gets closer to completion.

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Terror Firma is in production by a small team of indie game developers. Their passion for creating the game has caused Terror Firma to grow beyond their initial expectations. With the large amount of time spent designing a base with a high level-of-detail, it now feels like a second home for the team.

Terror Firma will be an immersive and unsettling journey where the player can be sure that exploration without an escape route will be a harsh lesson.

As game development progresses, more details and information will be shared.
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